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This is the presentation i prepared to deliver at the Uganda Journalists Association organised Media Dialogue at Hotel Africana on May 3rd 2012.I was asked to present on the marriage between new media and legacy media, under the general theme of New Voices helping the media transform Society. The presentation ... Read More
May 7, 2012sinani Mutinyu


The New Vision, Uganda’s leading daily newspaper recently ran a story about its ranking as the 4th most popular newspaper website in Africa by the 4 International Media & Newspapers based in Australia. There were a number of reactions to the ranking with some saying New Vision ... Read More
January 26, 2011sinani Mutinyu
New Vision Jan 26


“A photo tells 1,000 words”, so goes a popular journalism saying. How many words, then do 10 or more photos tell? Photos present more reality of what you as a journalist are reporting or telling your audience members and every newspaper will tell you photos are more popular than their ... Read More
January 10, 2011sinani Mutinyu
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Objectivity is one of those cardinal principles of journalism which denotes that journalists and media houses should be impartial in their reporting and coverage. There has been a long standing debate on whether journalists and media houses are indeed or can be objective. Many media houses will insist and market themselves ... Read More
December 31, 2010sinani Mutinyu
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The 2010 ICT Expo and East Africa Digital Forum begun today at Serena Hotel and I couldn’t attend because…well I can’t make it. I hoped against hope that we would be able to get some live coverage or streaming of this event so that the many of us who ... Read More
November 29, 2010sinani Mutinyu


Here is why you might need my services. See more about me, my professional works, My Skills, my Resume/Cv, my blogs and contacts. As a believer in open source, I also share several Resources in Journalism and Communication to help those that need to improve in these fields.
February 15, 2010sinani Mutinyu