• Writing, editing and packaging multimedia news, features, press releases, background or position papers, reports and other information education and communication materials
  • Multimedia news and information packages and production
  • Online news and information design and presentation packages
  • Social Media and online engagement/measurement
  • Website design (including applications for online and mobile access)
  • Website and mobile tools/ platforms usability analysis
  • Search Engine Oprimisation and Search Engine Marketing
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Media relations and publicity that integrate new and traditional media
  • Drafting, layout and design of information/communications materials
  • Video and Audio Productions (concepts, development and producing)
  • Drafting and implementing communication, public relations and IEC strategies
  • Analyze, synthesize research or project information for communication
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Digital/Multimedia Journalism and Communication training and facilitation
  • Winning understanding and appreciation (oral and written communication)
  • Management and administration of media and communication projects
  • Financial management, budgeting and planning
  • Events management and corporate outreach activities
  • Organizational Communication analysis, advice and training
  • Proposal writing, presentation and pitching
  • Advocacy communication
  • Strong working knowledge of publication and production programmes –Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PageMaker, In-Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final cut pro, Adobe premier pro, as well open source alternatives
  • Crowdsourcing and crowdsourced journalism (training and tools deployment)
  • General knowledge of organizational, business, development and current affairs

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