Welcome to Making It Better, where we explore and share about new and traditional media issues, new media tools, multimedia journalism and communication as well online tools and tips for journalists and communicators.

I went to the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism as a traditional print journalist (with some of my stories published online though), believing strongly that the traditional media was under pressure from “bad forces” presenting as new media. As a trained journalist, it was hard for me to understand why everyone should be able to write and inform others, or share news and information which kind of job i had paid to learn to do as career.

But the new media classes and reflections i have been having since 2009 have brought me to the realization that new media tools are just improving the way we do journalism and communicate, while giving many possibilities to all to be part of the news and information processes. I will surely explain my own transformation in a more detailed post later, but i can say I’m glad that i see the importance of traditional journalists learning and practicing new digital media skills, and media houses looking for new ways of reaching out to and engaging audiences.

This website is aimed at  exploring and sharing the tools and resources that can help journalists, communicators and news media take advantage on new media tools and facts to improve their work, and thus chances of survival.

About Me

I’m Gerald Businge, a trained, experienced and motivated graduate multimedia journalist, multimedia communication specialist and researcher in Uganda, East Africa interested in exploring more and through sharing learning more about new media and tools for improving journalism, communication and information access and sharing.

I have worked with several media houses in Uganda, East and Southern Africa as well as USA as a reporter, writer, correspondent, editor, and manager; and helped consult for many organisations in meeting their media and communications needs.

I’m the Managing Director of Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd and WeInformers.net, Ultimate Listing, Ultimate Shopping and Agriculture Show among other new media projects. I’m now doing full time multimedia work where we design and produce new media products and services, in addition to offering advice and training in new media journalism and communication. You can see my resume, professional works and skills for details.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, i’m available for opportunities to partner, undertake contracts, assignments, researches and reviews, as well as offer training services in multimedia and online and information packaging.





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