NAME                                                GERALD BUSINGE

DATE OF BIRTH                  DECEMBER 14, 1979


NATIONALITY                    UGANDAN



LANDLINE:                          256-414593555

MOBILE NUMBER              256-772- 627676


EMAIL                         ,

Personal profile

I’m Gerald Businge, a trained, experienced and motivated graduate multimedia journalist, trainer, multimedia communication specialist and researcher in Uganda, East Africa.

I have worked with several media houses in Uganda, East and Southern Africa as a reporter, writer, correspondent, editor, and manager; and helped consult for many organisations in meeting their media and communications needs. I’m a skilled writer, editor, manager, researcher, committed worker/ specialist with good technical multimedia and communication skills, networking, organisational, facilitation, and general knowledge.

I’m the Managing Director of Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd and I’m part of a team of journalists in 2002 to start Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd. The Company offers multidimensional services in editorial/news (as an agency), public relations, advertising, media relations, research, publicity, video recording and documentation and media placement services based on multidimensional multimedia communication training, the reason I’m multi-skilled and have worked in several organization in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Malaysia and USA. I’m also a Multimedia Production trainer at Makerere University Department of Journalism and Communication.


    • Writing, editing and packaging multimedia news, features, press releases, background or position papers, reports and other information education and communication materials
    • Multimedia news and information packages and production
    • Online news and information design and presentation packages
    • Social Media and online engagement/measurement
    • Website design (including applications for online and mobile access)
    • Website and mobile tools/ platforms usability analysis
    • Search Engine Oprimisation and Search Engine Marketing
    • Information and knowledge management
    • Media relations and publicity that integrate new and traditional media
    • Drafting, layout and design of information/communications materials
    • Video and Audio Productions (concepts, development and producing)
    • Drafting and implementing communication, public relations and IEC strategies
    • Analyze, synthesize research or project information for communication
    • Research, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes
    • Digital/Multimedia Journalism and Communication training and facilitation
    • Winning understanding and appreciation (oral and written communication)
    • Management and administration of media and communication projects
    • Financial management, budgeting and planning
    • Events management and corporate outreach activities
    • Organizational Communication analysis, advice and training
    • Proposal writing, presentation and pitching
    • Advocacy communication
    • Strong working knowledge of publication and production programmes –Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PageMaker, In-Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final cut pro, Adobe premier pro, as well open source alternatives
    • Crowdsourcing and crowdsourced journalism (training and tools deployment)
    • General knowledge of organizational, business, development and current affairs



2008-2010       University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

2002-2003       MAKERERE UNIVERSITY (CISCO Certified Networking Associate)

1999-2002   MAKERERE UNIVERSITY (Bachelor of Mass Communication)


1993-1996       SIR TITO WINYI SEN. SEC. SCH (UCE)

1986-1992        PAACWA PRIMARY SCHOOL (PLE)


October 2012                Animation and 3D productions (AMAKULA/US Mission Kampala)

June 2012                    Crowdsourcing and Crowdsourced journalism and communication (Internews Europe)

March 2012                 Integrated Multimedia communications and social media for businesses (Reliable Media)

October 2011              Communications practice and strategies in multinational bodies (IREX, South Africa)

June 2011                    Trainer of Trainers for Digital Journalism skills, Radio Netherlands Training Centre

September 2006:         Certificate in Training of Trainers for Business Journalists (ILO-FIT- SEMA- Jinja Uganda

March 2006:                Business Development Course for Journalists (Inter Regional Economic    Network– IREN- Kenya)

July 2005:                    Certificate in Project Planning end Management ,Makerere Institute of Adult and Continuing Education)

July 2005:                    Certificate in HIV/AIDS Reporting (Ultimate Media Consult)

February 2005:            Certificate in Environmental Journalism (Makerere University Mass Communication Department)

January 2005               Personal and Organisation growth strategies (Vision Quest Africa)


Worked with

  • Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio, (199-2001)
  • The New Vision                                  2001-(2003
  • Makerere University   (Academic Registrar’s Department    (2004-2007)
  • Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd        (2003-todate)
  • African News Dimension                   (2005-2006)
  • Centre for African Journalists             (2007)
  • WeInformers                                       (2010-todate)
  • Africa Reporting Project of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism (2010)
  • Internews Europe (May 2010-September 2012)
  • Starkey Foundation (September 2011- June 2012)
  • Makerere University Journalism and Communication Department (2011 to date)

Consulted for:

  • Private Sector Foundation
  • Internews Europe
  • International Alert
  • UNESCO (Sotuh Africa and Kenya)
  • Uganda Media Development Foundation
  • United States Embassy in Uganda
  • Makerere University Planning and Development Department
  • Council for Economic Empowerment of Women of Africa- CEEWA-U
  • GTZ (now GIZ) Uganda
  • Uganda government: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
  • Kabale University/ Prof. Joy Kwesiga
  • Kampala International Management Institute
  • Feed the Children Uganda
  • Ker Kwaro Acholi- Acholi Kingdom
  • Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
  • Global Training and Management Center
  • Uganda Microfinance now Equity Bank
  • Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd
  • Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Division
  • Makerere University Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • International Labour Organisation
  • Pearl Microfinance Limited
  • Global Knowledge Partnerships
  • THETA Uganda
  • Uganda Cares
  • Friends of Ruwenzori
  • And many others
  1. Awards
  • Young Social Entrepreneurs Initiative (GPK Malaysia)
  • Gates Africa Fellowship
  • CTA for communication research
  • Bankers Essay Contest



January 2011-to date            Part Time Lecturer, Makerere University

      • Participate in curriculum design and instruction
      • Impart the necessary skills and knowledge to the learns following the university policies and standards
      • Spearhead the development and learning of Multimedia digital media skills in the Journalism and Communication Department
      • Teach and supervise learns
      • Identify and recommend reading materials and resources
      • Evaluate and examine learners as necessary
      • Be course leader of the Multimedia Production techniques Course
      • Undertake work as assigned by the Chair/head of department

May 2004- to date         CEO/MD, Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd

      • General management and administration of Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd
      • Advise Division heads (News/ Editorial, Public Relations, Research, Production, Advertising and Marketing) in generating work and executing services on behalf of the organization.
      • Overall management of all administrative duties efficiently including proposals, basic correspondence, office communication, service reviews, basic accounting and personnel matters.
      • Ensuring contractual fulfillment by staff and consultants, as well as for all clients.
      • Generating ideas for business and expansion.
      • Ensuring business survival of the company, as well meet its social objectives
      • Ensuring compliance with laws and statutory regulations.
      • Provide business mentoring and enforcing work excellence for all staff to ensure the company (as a service provider) works to fulfill market demands/needs.
      • Leading consultancy services and the process of garnering clients for the company
      • Ensuring and undertaking Strategic planning and management for the company
      • Participate in and or lead contracts in the different service fields of UMC
      • Ensuring financial accountability and health of the organization.
      • Leading innovations and research to make the company a better entity.
      • Help in identifying and recruiting competent staff and member affiliates
      • Ensuring a good public/corporate image of the company

April. 2005 to May 2008                   Features Editor/Editorial Director, Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd

Key tasks:

      • Lead a team of writers and affiliates to deliver features to our multidimensional clientele in print, online and the broadcast media in Uganda and internationally.
      • Ensure coordinated smooth and overall administration of the editorial services of Ultimate Media Consult i.e. supplying news and features, as well offering editorial training, research, management and consultancy services
      • Generate, discuss and assign story ideas to journalists and editors
      • Form and strengthen a network of journalists to work as affiliates for Ultimate Media in different parts of the country, as well as in other countries
      • Offer advice to Directors on the media situation(s) and services
      • Organised trainings for staff and member journalists to improve their practice
      • Ensure clients receive stories they have subscribed for or are interested in on time and in the form they need them.
      • Edit features to supply to media houses to suit Ultimate Media style or particular needs of different media houses.
      • To report to management on the progress of editorial services in comparison to media trends and other competitors.
      • Work with marketing to source for buyers/ subscribers of our editorial services

April 2005 –May 2007:         Communications Specialist, Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Division (GMD)

      • Writing articles for media publication about GMD activities in the Division’s magazine as well as the website
      • Follow up all gender mainstreaming activities for purposes of ensuring they are communicated to all stakeholders including the media
      • Preparing news releases for Media Houses on GMD activities
      • Maintain liaison with units of the University and sentinel sites on progress of gender mainstreaming and gender related projects/ initiatives in the units.
      • Monitor national press reports to identify opportunities for technical and other assistance to gender mainstreaming efforts at the university.
      • Prepare feature articles for public dissemination on aspects of the GMD work
      • Coming up with and implementing GMD’s  communications strategy
      • Organizing Press/news Conferences organized GMD and liaise interview opportunities for the media.
      • Making sure the GMD’s website is up- to- date with constant flow of stories and activities carried out by GMD and different gender related activities of units
      • Coordinate and manage the production of The Focus, a publication of the GMD
      • Ensure preparation, production and distribution of all communication materials including brochures, newsletters, fliers, etc.
      • Other information management and dissemination tasks, as agreed.

April 2004-May 2007            Public Relations Consultant/ Manager, Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd

      • Prepare Public Relations Strategies and plans for different clients like Pearl Microfinance, Feed the Children, Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Division, Parliament of Uganda, Makerere University Planning and Development Department, CEEWA Uganda, etc.
      • Come up with communication strategies/ grids for clients
      • Undertake media relations for or on behalf of clients
      • Advise clients on public relations, internal and external communication, as well as achieving effective publicity at the best cost.
      • Organize the design and printing of public relations and promotional materials
      • Creating and undertaking advertising and promotion campaigns for clients
      • Inviting journalists and facilitating them (with information and otherwise) during events and launches for clients
      • Organizing Press Conferences and media briefings for clients
      • Preparing effective news releases for clients during events or launches
      • Evaluating Corporate Social responsibility of some clients
      • Identifying potential clients and writing proposals to them
      • Booking media space/airtime and advising on most effective media outlet to target for different messages/ products based on intended beneficiaries
      • Evaluating Media/ public relations strategies for clients
      • Reporting to clients on the implementation of media/ public relations strategies and activities and advising way forward accordingly.

As part of my work at Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd, I have done several writing, editing and communications work for Action for Development, Joint Clinical Research Center, Makerere University Planning and Development Department, Makerere University Library, Makerere School of Graduate Studies, Makerere University John Hopkins University Research Collaboration, The Academic Registrar’s Department of Makerere University, the Council for Economic Empowerment for Women of Africa (CEEWA-Uganda), Uganda Land Alliance, Traditional and Modern Health Practitioners Together Against AIDS (THETA), Business Development Network, MUDE and Co., Action for Children, Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio, ,Uganda Women Cancer Survivors Organization, Pearl Microfinance Uganda, Feed the Children Uganda, Kabale University, Women of Uganda Network, National Organic Agriculture Movement in Uganda, Forum for Women in Democracy, Nitutegama Associates, among others.

June 2003- April 2004.                      News Editor, Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd

      • Assigning reporters to report to the needs of our multidimensional clientele
      • Maintaining, updating and Keeping a tips/assignment book
      • Editing news stories and sending them in required format to clients
      • Authorizing assignments and financing for reporters on daily basis
      • Monitoring the media we supply for our news run and billing them accordingly
      • Ensuring timely and effective delivery of good quality news to clients.
      • Identifying potential news clients and writing proposals to them
      • Chairing the daily editorial meetings to generate story ideas and assign reporters

March 2001-Dec.2004                       Features Writer, The New Vision newspaper

      • Undertaking features assignments as generated in features meetings or assigned by the editor
      • Generating ideas in the Features meetings and executing them

March 2002-Sept.2002          Media Facilitator, Women’s Worlds Congress, Mak

      • Undertake media relations and advise on publicity for the congress
      • Help in the accreditation process for journalists coming to cover the congress
      • Writing news releases, facts sheets and updates on congress activities
      • Liaise with journalists and different media on publicizing the congress
      • Prepare feature articles for public dissemination on aspects of the congress
      • Write articles for the congress Magazine
      • Organizing Press Conferences and media briefings on the congress
      • Identify journalists for producing the congress daily bulletin and contributing articles for the congress bulletin

2005/2006: Uganda Bureau Chief, African News Dimensions

      • Generate ideas and write stories for AND on daily basis
      • Identify other journalists to file stories for AND
      • Provide business analysis stories in the region

2007 Uganda Bureau Chief, Centre for African Journalists (CAJ)

      • Generate ideas and file a daily diary for CAJ
      • write assigned stories for CAJ on daily basis
      • Coordinate other journalists filing stories for CAJ

2000-2001                               News Reporter, Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio

      • Identifying news story ideas, following them up, writing and filling stories for the station
      • Giving timely updates of what is happening in the city to the rural based station.


Research and evaluation works by Gerald Businge

  • Use of New Media tools in the the fight against corruption, UMDF, 2012
  • The Marriage between new media and traditional media- Ultimate Media, 2012
  • Frontiers of New Media Competition in Uganda- UMDF Media Review
  • African Media Should think seriously of online and mobile, UC Berkeley, 2010
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Reporting and Communicating Agriculture and Rural Development Issues in Uganda (Ultimate Media Consult 2009)
  • Enhancing Income growth between Small and Micro women entrepreneurs in Uganda through ICTs (Women of Uganda Network) August 2008.
  • The Information sources, information needs and concerns of rural women in Health, good governance, education, gender and Livelihoods (Women of Uganda Network) April 2008.
  • Understanding Communication needs of organizations, UMC, Kampala, 2006
  • Market Vs Editorial concerns: the Media and its Social responsibility, UMC, Kampala 2007 (yet to be published)
  • An analysis of the role of ICTs in helping farmers improve their agricultural performance: case study of Apac rural women farmers (CTI) 2007
  • The role of ICTs in women’s economic empowerment: A review of CEEWA-Uganda’s ICTs project (Council for Economic Empowerment of Women of Africa-Uganda Chapter- 2005)
  • Writing better Feature stories, UMC, Kampala, 2005
  • Winning advertising, (UMC Research Division), Kampala, 2005
  • Writing better Broadcast stories, UMC, Kampala, April 2004
  • Factors affecting newspaper readership in Uganda, UMC, Kampala, 2005
  • Successful Public Relations, (UMC Public Relations Division) Kampala, 2006


Websites designed Uganda Multimedia news and information

The Catholics Network– A Social Network for Catholics

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Ultimate Listing Ultimate listing for products and services

Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd – our company website

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 Friends Of Ruwenzori  ……………



Kaija Barbara

Deputy Editor-In-Chief, The New Vision Tel. 041 4349296, Mob. 0772 693228,

Adolf Mbaine,

Lecturer, Mass Communication Department, Makerere University

Tel. 0782396551/0752396551 email:

Peter Kigonya

Director and Founder,, Director, UgaTechUSA +16174604067

Prof. Neil Henry

Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Kasirivu Atwooki

Presidential Advisor on Land

Tel. 0772428246

Gideon Munaabi

Ag. Chairman, Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd


Prof. Joy Kwesiga

Vice Chancellow, Kabale University




Training: I have been trained extensively as a multimedia journalist, as well as in effective communication, research and project management. I’m also a seasoned trainer and facilitator.

Experience: I have wide ranging practical experience as a journalist and helping people and organizations learn the importance of communication and undertake effective communication and image building initiatives off and online.

Peer strength: I work with people who are specialists in media and communication from whom I have leant invaluable skills to provide quality service.

Relations: Excellent interpersonal relations and easy to deal with and explain issues.

Writing:          I’m a good writer capable of comprehending even the hardest situations and issues and packaging them for communicating to the intended audience/ public whether as news/features or reports

Hard work:    I’m a hard and dynamic worker to the needs of any situation I’m in

Honesty:         I’m genuine in my work and honest in all things I do and I’m trustworthy

Thinking:       I’m a thinker, good at finding solutions to situations and challenges.

Focus: I’m a focused person and I’m consistent in whatever I do and fulfill the

requirements of what I commit myself to do

Informed: I’m widely informed and knowledgeable not only on current issues but on many of the world dimensions and fields because I read a lot.

Positivist: I believe something good or best can be aimed at and achieved, even in situations that seem or are very challenging.

Leadership: I’m a proven leader and good team player/leader able to make human resource deliver the best they can and make my utmost contribution.


Sharing, Reading; Thinking; Traveling; Watching documentaries, movies and sports; making a difference wherever I can, Discussing on solutions for world challenges and problems; Research; Visiting and talking to friends; strategizing with and for my family.


      • English:           Excellent
      • Runyakitara:    Excellent
      • Luganda:         Good
      • Swahili:           Fair