Well Trained: I have been trained extensively as a multimedia journalist, as well as in effective communication, research and in project management. I’m also a seasoned trainer and facilitator.

Experience: I have wide ranging practical experience as a journalist and helping people and organizations learn the importance of communication and undertake effective communication and image building initiatives off and online.

Peer strength: I work with people in Africa, Asia and USA who are specialists in media and communication from whom I have leant invaluable skills to provide quality service.

Entrepreneurship: I’m an entrepreneur and effective and efficient in identifying opportunities and allocating scare resources

Relations: Excellent interpersonal relations and easy to deal with and explain issues.

Writing:          I’m a good writer capable of comprehending even the hardest situations and issues and packaging them for communicating to the intended audience/ public whether as news/features or reports

Hard work:    I’m a hard and dynamic worker to the needs of any situation I’m in

Honesty:         I’m genuine in my work and honest in all things I do and I’m trustworthy

Thinking:       I’m a thinker, good at finding solutions to situations and challenges.

Focus: I’m a focused person and I’m consistent in whatever I do and fulfill the

requirements of what I commit myself to do

Informed: I’m widely informed and knowledgeable not only on current issues but on many of the world dimensions and fields because I read a lot.

Positivist: I believe something good or best can be aimed at and achieved, even in situations that seem or are very challenging.

Leadership: I’m a proven leader and good team player/leader able to make human resource deliver the best they can and make my utmost contribution.

Skilled: I have multidimensional skills and knowledge that will improve you work as an individual or organisation.