I have written and produced several stories for different media across the globe. Below are some journalism works. You can also read more of my articles here at www.geraldbusinge.com where i blog about new media tools and journalism.


Uganda farmers contend with seeds of uncertainty

A dream come true as KIDA starts health services

Tullow Oil risks losing assets in Uganda following suit to halt petroleum activities

US appeals for more African troops to join Uganda and Burundi on Somali Mission

In Loving Memory of our colleague Enoch Mutabaazi

Inadequate seed production capacity key cause of anomalies in Uganda seed sector

Bride Price found a key cause of violence against women in Africa

New Approaches  needed in HIV/AIDS fight as new challenges emerge

African countries urged to invest in agriculture research and development

Experts call for focus on child nutrition as infants bear burden of global food crisis

Smallholder farmers expect more from World Food Program’s Purchase for Progress


World leaders urged to prioritize food security, change development approach


Will Google Trader help farmers in Africa?

Challenges and Opportunities of reporting and communicating agricultural and rural development issues in Uganda


Small holder farmers look for solid assurance in WFP’s food purchases The New Vision

How Uganda small farmers are benefiting or not from the Purchase for Progress initiative launched by WFP in Uganda.

How to tackle food shortage The New Vision

An interview with Alex Rwego of the Uganda Commodities Exchange on how their warehouses can and are to be used to ensure food security in Uganda.

Female Genital Mutilation continue despite Health Repercussions The New Vision

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Makerere’s 1.5 points benefit the privileged

A review of a research report on the 1.5 Points Scheme introduced by government of Uganda to give girls entering university 1.5 extra points in order to bridge the gender gap in higher education. Published 29th November 2004, The New Vision

UPDF Bill to punish Women on Pregnancy

When the UPDF Bill was about to be passed by Parliament, no one seemed concerned that women in the army would be suspended if they get pregnant.  Published February 28th 2005 in The New Vision

Apac women crying for a working dog

Uganda’s Difficult Path towards an agreeable Land Policy

Domestic Violence linked to Spread of HIV/AIDS

Uganda’s not so peaceful peacekeeping mission in Somalia

African women more at risk of HIV infection

Uganda Women of Apac complaining of their Lazy husbands

Uganda Baati-serving you since 1964

Lugeye Property Consultants

Acholi want more prominent role for Mato Oput

Contract Farming excites Kibaale

New Challenges in Female Genital Mutilation Fight

Will Oil really help Uganda?

Counselors advise on proper HIV testing

Women File petition against bride price

In whose interest is Uganda’s budget?

Uganda Could DO more in Human Rights observance

Women looking for ‘lost clause’ in Land Act

Regular Exercising, good food, equals good leader

Heritage Oil holding Uganda’s oil dream

House Divided on Ground Rent

Ugandans wake up to the cost of disappearing forests

The African Village Guest farm

The Beautiful side of Kanungu

Bunyoro honours Kabalega as a Hero

Climate Change having adverse effects on agriculture

Gender Based Violence a growing concern in Uganda


Research and evaluation works by Gerald Businge

  • Use of New Media tools in the the fight against corruption, UMDF, 2012
  • The Marriage between new media and traditional media- Ultimate Media, 2012
  • Frontiers of New Media Competition in Uganda- UMDF Media Review
  • African Media Should think seriously of online and mobile, UC Berkeley, 2010
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Reporting and Communicating Agriculture and Rural Development Issues in Uganda (Ultimate Media Consult 2009)
  • Enhancing Income growth between Small and Micro women entrepreneurs in Uganda through ICTs (Women of Uganda Network) August 2008.
  • The Information sources, information needs and concerns of rural women in Health, good governance, education, gender and Livelihoods (Women of Uganda Network) April 2008.
  • Understanding Communication needs of organizations, UMC, Kampala, 2006
  • Market Vs Editorial concerns: the Media and its Social responsibility, UMC, Kampala 2007 (yet to be published)
  • An analysis of the role of ICTs in helping farmers improve their agricultural performance: case study of Apac rural women farmers (CTI) 2007
  • The role of ICTs in women’s economic empowerment: A review of CEEWA-Uganda’s ICTs project (Council for Economic Empowerment of Women of Africa-Uganda Chapter- 2005)
  • Writing better Feature stories, UMC, Kampala, 2005
  • Winning advertising, (UMC Research Division), Kampala, 2005
  • Writing better Broadcast stories, UMC, Kampala, April 2004
  • Factors affecting newspaper readership in Uganda, UMC, Kampala, 2005
  • Successful Public Relations, (UMC Public Relations Division) Kampala, 2006


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Long process of producing new seed varieties


Dr. Silver Tumweganyire, a potato breeder at the Uganda National Crop Resource Research Institute explains that potato planting material may take up to 10 years to be developed-from a needs assessment, identifying the characteristics of the plant to improve, through breeding to producing a variety the farmer can plant.

Uganda Seed Traders want to produce quality but cannot


A video Question and Answer interview with the Uganda Seed Trade Association Executive Secretary, Dr. Ruth Sebuliba on the prospects, practices and challenges of the Uganda seed industry.

 Farmer dealing with seed options


Otto Charles, a lead farmer in northern Uganda talks about seeds got from fellow farmers and those from seed companies, outlining advantages and drawbacks of seeds from seed companies and fellow farmers.

 Meeting seed demand by farmers key


Komayombi Bulegeya, the Commissioner for Crop Protection in the Ministry of Agriculture on the seed industry and government’s role and plans.

Why some seed companies produce substandard seeds


Point blank: The head of the umbrella organization of seed companies in Uganda admits that seed companies are “forced” to produce substandard seeds due to failure by the government to regulate the seed industry where fake seeds are perverse.

Also directed and produced the Mato Oput Documentary

Mato Oput, the Acholi Traditional Justice system is being proposed to solve the crimes committed during the war in northern Uganda by Lords Resistance Army leaders who were indicted by the International Criminal Court.

PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb2hnrkvRXA

PART2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_tBa-9jW0Q

PART3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPTPl07wLMw

PART4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEYa0avAKVc



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